Things to Know Before Going to Tibet

Following is a quick checklist that helps you prepare yourself before going to Tibet for travel. This list of things to know before going Tibet has been proven to work for many foreign tourists.

1. Apply for the Tibet Travel Permits!!!  Besides the Chinese visas, it is mportant for you to get the Tibet Travel Permits first before visiting Tibet.

2. Have medical check with your heart and lung before your trip to Tibet. The higher the elevation, the thinner its air. Altitude sickness can result in symptoms, such as dizziness, tiredness and headaches - and hardly catching your breath. Your breathing andblood circulation systems need time to acclimate the high elevation.

3. People who suffer from heart disease, serious anemia, asthma and hypertension are not recommended to visit Tibet.

4. Ginseng conduces to the body to adapt to the anoxic environments you can take some before flying to Tibet (if you think it is necessary).

5. To learn something about Tibetan etiquettes and taboos.

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