FAQs on Traveling to Tibet

Can I get a Tibet Permit with just my name on it?

Yes. It's a Group Permit with just your name on it. Some places are starting to issue them again. Technically it's not possible, but anything is possible if you try hard enough, ask the right questions, and say the right things.

Is the high altitude an issue?

Yes. You will be in high altitude so Altitude Sickness can be an issue. Please consult your doctor about this. Personally, I had a headache, as did others. The Tour staff are not medically equipped. If you suffer from any serious aliments you should be aware that you will be in remote areas, and away from hospital care. There are hospitals en route, but they could be a day away depending on your location. Again, seek medical advise before going on any high altitude tour.

Can I get out and trek on the tour?

No. You make several stops en route. Toilet breaks, Everest viewing, and various highlight stops. Once in a city or town you are free to wander around monasteries etc. Some of which are set into mountains. Consider it a day trek.

Do I need to bring Tibetan or Chinese Money?

Tibet uses Chinese Yuan. I would change money in Kathmandu before departure. You can change at the border, and all the little border money changers will tell you that it's the last place to sell Nepalese Rupees. It's money. You can sell it further on if you want. Be patient, and don't bow to their pressure.What's the breakfast like?

Not so great. But not so bad either. Coffee, Eggs, bread, noodles. There are plenty of shops in the towns, and plenty of places to eat lunch and dinner. Bring a translation or picture menu book if you are not adventurous with what you eat!

Can I buy souvenirs?


Can I talk, bring photo's or books about Tibet Culture or the Dalai Lama into Tibet?

Dodgy. You can bring them in. But if the person receiving them is caught, or seen, then it's them not you who will get into serious trouble. Either on the spot, or after you have left.Do I have to fly back to Kathmandu if I travel to Tibet from Nepal?

No. You can go where ever you want afterwards (permit permitting). Beware that many other regions in Tibet require different permits though. Most needing a week or two to clear. So with an average 21 day permit, you will be restricted time wise. The easiest thing to do is to take the T28 train (worlds highest) either direct to Beijing or stop off in Xi'an. Then go on to Hong Kong, break your Group Permit there, get new Chinese Visa's and come back in again alone.

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