Medicine Tips on Tibet Tour

The below is a list of items you should consider including in your medical kit before your start your trip to Tibet China - consult your pharmacist for brands available in your country.

1) Aspirin or paracetamol - for pain or fever

2) Antihistamine - for allergies, eg hay fever; to ease the itch from insect bites or stings; and to prevent motion sickness.

3) Antibiotics consider including these if you're traveling well off the beaten track' see your doctor, as they must be prescribed, and carry the prescription with you.

4) Loperamides or Diphenoxylate 'blockers' for diarrhea' Prochlorperazine or metaclopramide for nausea and vomiting.

5) Rehydration mixture to prevent dehydration, eg due to severe diarrhea; particularly important when traveling with children.

6) Insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm and eye drops.

7) Calamine lotion, sting relief spray or aloe vera-to ease irritation from sunburn and insect bites or stings.

8) Antifungal cream or powder - for fungal skin infections and thrush.

9) Antiseptic, such as povidone-iodine for cuts and grazes.

10) Bandages, band-aids or plasters and other would dressings.

11) Scissors, tweezers and a thermometer (note that mercury thermometers are prohibited by airlines)

12) Syringes and needles in case you need injections in a country with medical hygine problems. Ask your doctor for a note explaining why you have them.

13) Cold and Flu tablets, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant.

14) Multivitamines - consider for long trips, when dietary vitamin intake may be inadequate.

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