Caving in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Gantry Water Rock

Gantry Water Rock is located in the Southeast of Yangshuo (about ten kilometers away from the county); it is a world famous large underground river crystal cave. Start from Yangshuo County, through the Large Banyan Tree, Moon Hill, and then reach the Longmen Village – Water Rock. In The front of the cave entrance it is a lake about 300 square meters. The hole is about eight kilometers in length and 100 meters in height, running through eight mountains, and there are four channels with five layers’ cave heaven and caves overlapping holes.

Caving in Yangshuo China

There is no lighting inside the cave. Wear helmets, hold emergency lights, boat and curved body can go into the cave. Although Water Rock without lights, after emergency lights’ illumination, you can watch and touch the real natural caves closely. There is lotus throne, gold hill, silver hill, snow hill, flaming mountain, terraces, pools, nine days waterfalls, and mud baths. In which you can be wrapped in a "mud bath” and then go on happily enjoy a water bath.

Gantry Water Rock Characteristics

The temperature in the cave is kept at 23 degrees all the year round, with cool and pleasant. After landing the shore, there are many steep slopes, which in some places are very low, and need squat to walk. Many places are difficult to walk. According to the local tour guide said, the cave’s scope is very large, with hours could not finish, which is a real cave adventure.

Yangshuo China Caving

Gantry Water Rock Tips:

Best time to travel: April to November

Maximum aspect: mud bath, cave explorers

1. It is attraction developed by the local farmers, lacking of safety equipment.

2. When go into the hole, it is required to wear helmets, non-slip slippers, with emergency lights and on boat.

3. There are a lot holes and rocks inside the fork, do not adventure alone so that to avoid accidents.

Ticket price: 168 RMB

Caving in Yangshuo Lotus Rock

Lotus Rock

Lotus Rock is located 6 km northeast in Xing Town, named after there are more than 100 blocks of rock like lotus. The hole with a length of 481 m, maximum width of 25 m, and the highest point of 38 m. Within rock stalactites, and stone pillars throughout. The rock is little known before the sixties. Rocks within landscapes are: Liantang Wonders, Fairy Lotus Upside Down, Shuanglong Chu Dong.

Tickets: 50RMB

Opening Time: Monday - Sunday

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