What to Pack for a Trip to Mount Wuyi

When setting out to a journey, clothing is the most important for physical comfort determine the pleasure degree of the travel mood. Only the suitable equipment and good mood matching with beautiful scenery is the perfect. However, what to pack for a trip to Mount Wuyi?

Wuyi Mountain is located in Fujian, China, which's in subtropical and belongs to subtropical monsoon climate region. The annual average temperature is 17.6 ℃ and the hottest month is in July, which extreme maximum temperature can get 36.7 ℃.

When in the intersection of spring and summer (April - May), Mount Wuyi is in the rainy period, which is most vulnerable to catch cold. If visit the mountain at this time, a thin sweater can payable for the rainy season; however, we also recommend that you bring a light jacket for the temperature in mountain will colder. 

Wuyi Mountains Fujian Morning

To the summer, a simple T-shirt is ok. But it is worth noting that during the hot summer months, please note wear a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. 

In the intersection of summer and autumn (about October) is little rain. The temperature differences between day and night. At this point, wearing a sweater is clearly not enough, it is best to bring a light jacket.

Mount Wuyi’s winter comes in mid-December, while the mountain entered another rainy period. For weather becomes cold and wet, visitors need pay attention to keep warm. 

What clothes to wear to trip Mount Wuyi is not a static thing. Sometimes it will differ for different climate. But the basic clothing with comfortable shoes is necessary. Before you travel, you can contact our customer service staff with Mount Wuyi weather conditions in the near future for making fully preparation.

Bamboo Rafting in the Nine-bend River of Wuyi Mountains

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