Things to do in Wuyishan

Tourists can find some things to do while travelling in Mount Wuyi. If you do find yourself in Mount Wuyi, here are 3 things you should do.

Ride a Raft Down the Nine Bend Stream

The "rafts" are long tied bamboo rafts with about six seats. Life jackets are provided, although the water is very calm and this does not require any rafting experience or effort on the part of the riders. The river is quite shallow and not very wide. Two drivers use long poles to steer the craft down the water. The landscape is sensational, with sheer cliffs and tall mountains. Look out for the caves with very old coffins in them on the sheer cliff at the fourth bend. A "cruise" down all nine bends takes one and a half hours and is highly recommended. 

The Nine Bend River in Mount Wuyi Fujian China

Watch Night Show - Impression Dahongpao 

Impression Dahongpao is a 70 minutes show about tea directed by Zhang Yimou. This show is on every night 7:30 in the new tourist town area.

Impression Dahongpao Night Show

Explore Wuyi Rock Tea Culture

In Wuyishan, tourist can find some places to experience tea culture. 1. Go to Royal Tea Garden and learn about the history of Oolong Tea - a half-fermented tea which offers a flavor between green and black tea. 2. Visit Da Hong Pao Scenic area to see the historic tea trees and taste fresh tea. 3. Visit the tea Professional School and learn about making tea and some tea culture. 4. Learn how to pick tea from the tea farmer in the tea plantations of the nearby villages in Mount Wuyi. 

A Beautiful Tea Plantation in Mount Wuyi

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