The Story About the Inverted Fu

Story goes that in the long past, there was one time when the Spring Festival came. In a rich man's house, a servant was putting up "Fu" (福) on the door. However, this servant was illiterate and did not know the word "fu". He happened to put inverted "Fu" on the door. The master was very angry with the servant and wanted to beat him. Just then the butler told the master that his "Fu" of "blessings" had come. The master then became happy. Why then did the butler say that? Because the English word "inverted" is translated into Chinese as "dao" (倒) which has same sound as another Chinese word "Dao" (到) meaning "arrival". That's why the butler said to the master that his happiness had come. From then on inverted "Fu" is put on all doors in every household.

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