Best Time to Visit Hangzhou

Hangzhou has humid subtropical climate with four distinctive seasons with an average annual temperature of 16°C. In terms of weather and climate, Hangzhou is an all-year-round tourist destination. Travelers could enjoy the different sceneries at different time.

Spring is a good time to visit Hangzhou to see the peach blossom around the West Lake, while October also provide the best combination of mild temperatures and little rain. Lotuses blossom from early June till late August or early September. Lotus in West Lake had enjoyed the reputation since Tang Dynasty. In winter, the whole Lake is an expanse of white snow, in silver and white clothing, looks like a pretty young lady of humble birth walking in the snow.

Hangzhou has different beauty at different times, which make people intoxicated. Travelers could decide when to travel to Hangzhou according to time or interests. Generally speaking, March to October, especially spring from March to May are perfect time for enjoying the beauty of West Lake.


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