China Tours from Chengdu

Trip China Guide is a boutique tour operator offering tours from Chengdu China for the traveler who wants to explore ancient Chinese history, Chinese civilization, and landscape of China. These tours are available for departure from Chengdu. If you cannot find what you are looking for please E-mail Us or use our search panel on the right to find your perfect choice.

  • 15-day Fabulous China River Cruise

    15-day Fabulous China River Cruise

    Tour Code: TCG-L-029


    This China River Cruise Tour is the best way to view many of China's most famous sights on land excursions. Sit on shaded decks of your floating hotel, sipping iced beverages while watching five thousand years of history and culture float by. The cruise ship is a fully air-conditioned, multi-decked craft with modern, privat...

  • 5-day Bifengxia Panda Base Volunteer Tour

    5-day Bifengxia Panda Base Volunteer Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-L-021


    Wearing the special working clothes, feed the giant pandas, clean their houses, watch their activities and help the scientists to collect their behavior data...this Panda Volunteer Tour offers you the best opportunity to get close to the lovely giant pandas of China in the Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Base.

  • 12-day Chengdu Tibet Tour with Yangtze Cruise

    12-day Chengdu Tibet Tour with Yangtze Cruise

    Tour Code: TCG-L-007


    We take this tour and explore the giant panda hometown Chengdu & majesty holy city Lhasa. After tasting the spicy Sichuan food, seeing the charm pandas in close, we head to the Tibetan highland for the unique Buddhism monasteries and Tibetan people’s culture. A comfortable cruise on the Yangtze River is also included...

  • 7-day Sichuan Highlights Tour

    7-day Sichuan Highlights Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-SC-01


    Sichuan Province is well- known for its mysterious Shu culture, spicy cuisine, panda breeding centers, holy mountains, and picturesque national parks. This Sichuan trip incorporates in the top 10 things to see in Sichuan.

  • 10-day Lost in Shangri-la

    10-day Lost in Shangri-la

    Tour Code: TCG-SC-02


    A China vacation Pacakge to explore the real Shangri-la in the world...Harmonious valley, mystical lamaseries, endless pasture, limpid lakes, high waterfalls cascade into deep gorges, craggy rocks rise from lush green forests, and colorful flowers bloom beneath white snow peaks...Yading Dacheng provides all like the fiction...

  • 11-day Jiuzhaigou and Zhangjiajie Adventure Tour

    11-day Jiuzhaigou and Zhangjiajie Adventure Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-L-041


    Ready to pursue the adventure travel trip of your dreams in China? Whether you want to trek in Jiuzhaigou Valley, hug the adorable pandas in Chengdu, see the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, admire the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, or explore the famous family temple in Guangzhou, the begin...

  • 5-day Chengdu and Taoping Qiang Village Tour

    5-day Chengdu and Taoping Qiang Village Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-SC-04


    This trip is well-designed for exploring the mysterious oriental castles in Sichuan Province's Taoping Qiang Village, where you can explore Qiang ethnic group's unique history, culture, buildings, art and custom. Also including Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, Jinsha Ruins, Mt. Qingcheng, Dujiangyan Irrigation System...

  • 12-day Wild West Sichuan by Bike

    12-day Wild West Sichuan by Bike

    Tour Code: TCG-TBB-01


    Western Sichuan is a mysterious place in China. It is wonderful biking destination with fabulous culture, snow-clad mountains, glaciers and valleys. On this Sichuan China biking tour, we will enjoy a close encounter with the giant pandas, experience the unique local history, and explore the Tibetan culture.

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