Known as Zhongdian County, Shangri-La is the capital of Diqing Autonomous Prefecture. Shangri-La is 315 kilometers north of Dali and 659 kilometers away from Kunming. Shangri-la is a Tibetan word meaning land of sacredness and peace.

Many snow-capped mountains surround Shangri-la. The three well known ones are Meili, Balang, and Haba mountains. The Tibetans consider these mountains sacred. Meili Snow Mountain is one of the eight sacred mountains the Tibetans worship. Beneath Kang Karpo, the Mingyong and Sinong glaciers stretch down to a level of 2700 meters. Because of its changeable climate, Meili Mountain is fraught with danger and remains unconquered until today.

  • 14-day Legend of Shangri-la

    14-day Legend of Shangri-la

    Tour Code: TCG-L-011


    The mythical land of Shangri-La is the novelist James Hilton's fictional account of the legendary Tibetan paradise Shambala. In Hilton's 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, he changes the name of the paradise to Shangri-La. This lost Tibetan paradise we will take you to is a pure land cut off from the world!

  • 16-day Enchanting Yunnan China

    16-day Enchanting Yunnan China

    Tour Code: TCG-L-010


    Tour to Yunnan China is to see a seething kaleidoscope of regional history, culture, minorities and beautiful landscape. On our journey, we explore the ancient cities, towns, ethnic villages, temples, lakes, national parks, natural wonders and get lost in the legendary Shangri-la...

  • 16-day Hidden Treasures of China

    16-day Hidden Treasures of China

    Tour Code: TCG-L-009


    Experience the style, elegance and luxury, reminiscent of different glorious bygone ages. Witness the great treasures of China, experience the finest traditions of ethnic groups' hospitality and retire to great buildings, towns and cities that echo with history. It's a great tour of China you'll remember for a lifetime...

  • 12-day Incredible Yunnan Tour

    12-day Incredible Yunnan Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-YN-02


    Try out a unique and exciting way to visit Yunnan, explore 3 ancient ethnic cities, experience Tibetan culture in the legendary Shangri-la, enjoy sunrise over the most beautiul rice terraces in the world, then bath in the sunshine of the City of Perpetual Spring for the last part of the tour.

  • 10-day China Tea Horse Road Tour

    10-day China Tea Horse Road Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-YN-03


    Shaxi Old Town in Jianchuan County is an original town of the Tea Horse Trade Caravan, it is also the highlight of this 10 days Yunnan tour package. The grottoes in Shibaoshan Mountain are more than 1000 years; they will take you to experience the Buddhist culture of the Dali Kingdom (937 - 1254). You will visit the Ancient...

  • 20-day A Bite of China

    20-day A Bite of China

    Tour Code: TCG-L-042


    This tailor-made Chinese culinary tour ensures you have an unforgettable gourmet vacation. You will dine at the unique restaurants, taste the famous Chinese cuisines, learn to cook Chinese dishes, and visit the top tourist attractions in China...

  • 8-day Yading Nature Reserve Tour

    8-day Yading Nature Reserve Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-SC-08


    Snowclad mountains, harmonious valleys, mystical lamaseries, charming villages, primitive forests, serene lakes, and pastures with yaks, horses and sheep...Yading (Aden) Nature Reserve - the earthly paradise is something like the place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton.

  • 15-day Sichuan Odyssey Tour

    15-day Sichuan Odyssey Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-SC-10


    We will explore the vast and remote west Sichuan, mainly inhabited by the Gyarong and Khamba Tibetans. Mount Siguniang, Mount Chola, Yading Nature Reserve, and Yilhun Lhatso Lake are some of the most spectacular highlights on this tour. Along the way, we also visit some traditional Tibetan villages, and some mysterious...

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