China Tours from Guilin

Trip China Guide is a boutique tour operator offering tours from Guilin China for the traveler who wants to explore ancient Chinese history, Chinese civilization, and landscape of China. These tours are available for departure from Guilin. If you cannot find what you are looking for please E-mail Us or use our search panel on the right to find your perfect choice.

  • 6-day China Guilin Tour

    6-day China Guilin Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-GL-02


    Guilin is renowned for its enchanting natural landscape - crystal rivers, spectacular caves, and unique karst rockeries. During the 6-day trip, make an all-side exploration of Guilin - cruise along Li River, bamboo rafting down Yulong River, go hiking around Longji Rice Terraces …

  • 20-day Chinese Kung Fu and Panda Tour

    20-day Chinese Kung Fu and Panda Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-L-015


    Yes, perhaps you have seen the movie Kung Fu Panda 1 and Kung Fu Panda 2, but did you experience a classical tour which perfectly balances Kung Fu and pandas? Now let the Kung Fu masters show you the interesting Chinese Kung Fu, and you also have opportunity to get close to the pandas, experience Chinese culture and visit...

  • 5-day Yangshuo Delightful Tour

    5-day Yangshuo Delightful Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-TCC-Y-02


    Best Yangshuo vacation tour package offers you once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy delightful time in the stunning landscape of karst mountains, villages, rivers...including interesting rafting, biking , cooking and caving.

  • 6-day Best Longsheng Tour Package

    6-day Best Longsheng Tour Package

    Tour Code: TCG-TCC-L-01


    Enjoy cruising on Li River, bamboo rafting on Yulong River, cycling in the charming countryside in Yangshuo, walking to explore the minorities' village in Longsheng and trek up to the Longji Rice Terraces and admire the panoramic view.

  • 7-day Longsheng Rice Terraces Tour

    7-day Longsheng Rice Terraces Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-TCC-L-02


    Longsheng private tour takes you to explore Yao and Zhuang minorities' culture and traditions, admire the most breathtaking rice terraces in the world, enjoy cruise on the watery wonder - Li River and visit the top sights in Guilin and Yangshuo.

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