Trip China Guide is an Inbound Travel Agent & Tour Operator in China with over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry.

We offer tours to China that combine history, culture and natural landscape in a way that makes ancient China come alive and gives the travelers a sense of excitement like no elsewhere. By limiting our China tour group size to a maximum of 20 travelers these programs feature the close personal attention that has made Trip China Guide famous. Tours are guaranteed to operate even if there is only one traveler!

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China Tour Packages For First Time Visitors

Whether you are looking for spontaneity and freedom of unplanned tours that allow you to make on-the-spot decisions of staying at a place or move to another destination or want a more organized travel itinerary designed by our travel experts, our China tour packages for first-timers are all meant to keep your safe, comfortable and enjoyable during your trip to China.


Pupular Tourist Attractions

Conform its size and population, China has an almost endless variety of cultures, landscapes, monuments and places to explore. From the ancient ruins, fascinating religious structures, ancient cities and diverse landscape there is an endless collection of tourist attractions in China that will never cease to awe and fascinate the visitor.

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