James and Emily's Feedback on 19-day Seething Kaleidoscope of China

Customer: James and Emily      Tour Dates: 2012-03-25

Tour Itinerary: 19-day Seething Kaleidoscope of China

Dear Manager,

I just wanted to send an email and say how thankful I am to your company in particular to Mr Andy Zeng for all the emails and information he has provided for me since I sent my first query with regards to a quote for an upcoming China trip.I want you all to know how much I appreciate the detailed itinerary he has sent, the information in detail about how our day would look while in all the different areas I have asked to visit, what's available to do in these areas etc.

It's comforting to know that there are people out there who obviously genuinly care about there customers and that gives me a great deal of comfort as we are travelling on our own. It's a daunting thought coming to a country on our own, were we don't speak the language and we are worried! Andy has provided me with so much information and has always replied to every single email that I have sent.

Thanks very much and I wish you all much success.

James and Emily :-)

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