Mike & Eva 's Feedback on 12-day Super China Cruise Holiday

Customer: Mike & Eva ( USA )      Tour Dates: 2012-04-08

Tour Itinerary: 12-day Super China Cruise Holiday

Hi Nancy,

My wife and I had a very good honeymoon to China. Generally, we were happy.

Your tour guides were mostly quite good. Especially Vera in Beijing, and Lisa in Xi'an. They really explained so much for us, and helped us to know where to go after tour and nightly events. For me, Vera was the most personable. She even got us a small gift after knowing we recently married. And Lisa took us to a Xi'an jade dealer upon my request, where we bought a pair of large jade lions, which will be shipped to us in Florida. We are looking forward to receiving them soon.

Probably most memorable attraction for me was the Forbidden City, as it is so large, and takes in so many buildings of splendor. All the hotels were good. They were cleaner than many in the USA. Foods were mostly fine. I enjoyed the different tastes.

The Yangtze river cruise was also most memorable, with great scenery and the dam. We made some friends on the boat. We found people on streets to generally be helpful and friendly. I think they are also curious about visitors. As visitors, it is difficult at first to travel in China alone due to the language. We first did this in Shanghai, and was fine, took the metro, but had to figure out our way after not being able to talk to many people. That was still good. You may include me as a reference, but just use my e-mail, thank you.

I would be glad to consider Trip China Guide again, if we decide to go back to China. And thank you, Nancy, for your assistance. It helped us so when we got to China, everything was taken care of. You worked hard, and we appreciated it, especially to arrange the the whole trip so well.



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