Julia Lim's Feedback on 4-day Zhangjiajie National Park Tour

Customer: Julia Lim ( Philippines )      Tour Dates: 2013-10-26

Tour Itinerary: 4-day Zhangjiajie National Park Tour

Hi Cathy,
We arrived safely back to Hongkong last Oct.29, 2013
Our Zhangjiajie trip was such an amazing one, to see the most wonderful views of the mountains. You would stop and think how God had created such an amazing place!
From the boat ride in Baifung Lake, to the longest & the most scenic view of Tianmen Shan, to see the inspired Avatar mountains & to watch the Woodman & white fox lady was indeed magnificent! However, beware of the unending climbing of the stairs, it was really tiring!
This is the perfect time of the year to visit Zhangjiajie, weather was perfect, queuing wasn't that long, food was ok, you have to try Hunan way of cooking with their spices.
We were in a private tour of 10 people, very happy that the tour gave us a whole bus, we were all seated very comfortably and very relaxing, infact, the 4-1/2 hour drive to Changsha doesn't seem that long as we were seated in a big empty bus of just 10 of us.
Thanks to our tour guide David for guiding us every step of the way, thanks for brushing us with the Chinese history.

Thanks to Ms. Cathy for my numerous questions in planning this trip!
We practically did everything in this trip-- regular train ride, airplane, boat ride, cable car, ski lift, bus ride, bullet train ...
My dream is to visit Zhangjiajie once again during winter, I can just imagine the view of seeing the snow covering the mountains!
Our trip was a success!
Julia Lim

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