Emma Cartwright's Feedback on 15-day Ancient Chinese Secrets

Customer: Emma Cartwright ( America )      Tour Dates: 2012-04-15

Tour Itinerary: 15-day Ancient Chinese Secrets

Dear TripChinaGuide,

I was very pleased with the service I got on my tour. Before my trip, I was very concerned that it would be difficult for me to travel as a woman alone, but I felt very comfortable on the tour. The fact that your guides and drivers were so conscientious and took care of everything made my trip very pleasant. The combination of the ancient history and the dynamism of modern China is breathtaking, and I was thrilled to be given the chance to witness it and have it personally explained to me. I loved all the places I was taken and the food was delicious. I particularly enjoyed my time in Xi'an. Bicycling on the Ancient City Wall was a highlight of the trip, and I was grateful to Lisa for arranging that for me. I also really enjoyed the home visit there.


Emma Cartwright

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