Jenniffer & Christina Mueller's Feedback on 11-day China Tour for Women

Customer: Jenniffer & Christina Mueller ( UK )      Tour Dates: 2012-05-04

Tour Itinerary: 11-day China Tour for Women

Hi Mr. Andy,

Me and my sister both had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the tours and loved how it was tailor made for us.The meals were all very good, occasionally it would have been nice to decide on the dishes as sometimes there were too many!!

I personally would say that the duck dinner was very nice in Beijing. All guides were very good especially Mr.Luo I think his name was in shanghai. He and the driver were fantastic and we would have loved to have had them during the whole trip!! They were both very accommodating to our needs and helpful in giving us ideas on what to do during our free hours. All the cars were very clean. The driver in Shanghai was the best and had excellent attitude towards us. All hotels were fabulous could not complain at all.

We got to see so many things in only 11 days. In Shanghai we loved how the tour guide checked the weather to ensure we didn't get caught out in the rain and loved how he showed us the best shopping places and told us some common phrases to use. The Terracotta Army was amazing in Xi'an and in Beijing the Great Wall was incredible yet tiring!! Loved seeing the shows we went to in particular the acrobatic show in Shanghai. Can’t wait to go back China again!!

Thanks a lot for a great holiday.

Jenniffer & Christina Mueller

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