Nanxi Tulou Cluster

Nanxi is a creek in Hukeng Town, Yongding County, Fujian Province of China. It flows upward from Hukeng and snakes through villages including Xia'nanxi, Xinnan, Nanzhong, Nanjing and Shijia. Standing on a hill in Jiaotang village, visitors can see Nanxi Creek passing through the valley, surrounded by green mountains and terraces.

Along the creek, there are over 100 tulou of different shapes: round, square, octagon, hexagon, triangle, D-shape, ellipse, and even round and square combinations. The tulou are scattered along valleys and banks, like a dragon snaking for tens of kilometers.

Among the Nanxi Tulou Cluster, an eight-square building named Dongchenglou, is featured with distinctive style and fantastic shape, while the Qingyanglou has the peculiar stone feet and outward sharp ridge. What`s more, Zhenfulou, which is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream with picturesque landscape, Yanxianglou and Huanjilou becomes the popular earth buildings that tourists take delight in talking about.

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