Duoyishu Rice Terraces

Duoyishu Rice terraces Scenic Area is one ofthe most photographed in Yuanyang County of Yunnan Province. The low lyingcloud and the water field rice terraces are unique during winter and earlyspring. As the sun rises the terraces come alive with the sky's reflection. Inthe winter months the fields are flooded in order to plow and plant for the newseason. The rising sun creates an amazing reflection off the water in theterraces.

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Questions & Answers about Duoyishu Rice Terraces

Asked by edna from Israel 2013-07-01

Hi, We plan to visit the Yuanyang terraced fields in the beginning of November 2013, what will we see in the fields? My husband is photography fancier.

Answered by Trip China Guide    2013-07-02

Hi, the best time to see the Yuanyang terraced fields are November, December, January, February, March and April. These months are known as the best time for photographing the paddy fields because after harvesting in Oct., irrigation starts in the beginning of Nov. and will last to next April. It is critical that the paddy fields are filled with water during the time. Water in the terraced fields reflects mountains and blue sky, the mountains are covered in the morning mist, and the terraces look like great chains. This dream-like scene is surely amazing.

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