Mud Bathing in Yangshuo

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Questions & Answers about Mud Bathing in Yangshuo

Asked by sanjay from India 2014-07-29

i want to visit your place for mud bath.How to reach your place

Answered by Trip China Guide    2014-07-30

1. To Longmen Water Cave
Longmen Water Cave is about 10 km away from Yangshuo Town. It is run by the local peasants and the best time to visit there is from April to November. You can hire a van in the town, the driver will take you to the cave. If you rent a bicycle in the streets, some unlicensed tour guides (most are middle-aged women) will come and talk with you. They usually want a pay of CNY 30-100/day, just bargaining over the price.

2. To Pusa Water Cave
Pusa Water Cave is located between Yangshuo (阳朔) and Gaotian (高田). The cave is 6 km in length. You can hire a van or bike to get there. If you take the minibus from Yangshuo to Gaotian Town, you should get off at Feng Lou Lu Kou (凤楼路口 the intersection of Fenglou Road), walk across the road then just follow your nose and you'll soon get there.

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