Tours to Xi'an

Xi'an was once a major crossroads on the trading routes from eastern China to central Asia, and vied with Rome and later Constantinople for the title of greatest city in the world. Today Xi'an is one of China's major drawcards, largely because of the Army of Terracotta Warriors on the city's eastern outskirts. Uncovered in 1974, over 10,000 figures have been sorted to date. Soldiers, archers and chariots stand in battle formation in underground vaults looking as fierce and war-like as pottery can. Xi'an's other attractions include the old city walls, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda,the Great Mosque, Mt. Huashan, the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower,the Muslim quarter and the Banpo Neolithic Village - a tacky re-creation of the Stone Age.

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