Tours to Guilin

For a city tour in Guilin the best places of interest advisable are the City for King of the Ming Dynasty, Solitary Beauty Peak, Elephant Trunk Hill, Yao Hill and Tea Plantation, Taming Waves Hill, Piled Silk Hill, Seven Star Park and Reed Flute Cave, Crown Cave as well as the charming midtown  lakes etc. However, the scores of miles of the green Li River and the karst hills flanking both sides from Guilin to Yangshuo are the must for those coming to Guilin for holidays. "Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere, and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin." If you've come to Guilin yet failed to make a cruise along the Li River down to Yangshuo it's tantamount to having made no tour to Guilin. Nevertheless, if you want to get something true out of it you cannot but go experiencing it yourself, and you are advised not to lose the chance maybe only once of a lifetime.

In addition to the landscape tour in Guilin, tourists today are offered added some interesting activities in the neighboring areas, including hike in the breathtaking rice terraces and ethnic villages in Longsheng, enjoy boating in the ancient Ling Canal in Xing'an and get lost in the beautiful countryside in Yangshuo by bamboo rafts or bicycles.
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