How to Get Shangri-la Yunnan

Shangri-la is located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, it is known as the "mountain big garden", "animal and plant kingdom" and "non-ferrous metal kingdom". You can get there by plane, train, long-distance bus.

Get In and Out

◎By Plane
Shangri-la's main airport is Diqing airport, is one of the largest airports in northwest Yunnan. Currently, it can offer flights to Kunming, Chengdu, Lhasa, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

◎By Bus
There are plenty of buses sent to Shangri-la, details are as the following:

1. Lhasa to Shangri-la
There are several buses to Lhasa from the bus station, you should ask at the bus station as it is not a daily schedule. You could choose the SEAT bus or the SLEEPER bus. The cost for the bus is around ¥550 and takes about 4 days for the trip.

2. Chamdo
There is also a bus to Chamdo, an important city in East Tibet.

3. Daocheng to Shangri-La
It is a 12-hours drive. Cost ¥111. Start at 6:00 am from bus station and travel through magnificent mountain scenery.

4. Lijiang to Shangri-La
These days a fast 4 hours, cost is ¥61.

5. Dali to Shangri-La
It is a 6-hour drive - buses run in this line both night and day.

6. Kunming to Shangri-la
It is a 12-hour drive - also buses run in this line both night and day.

7. Panzhihua to Shangri-la
It takes 12 hours, passing through Lijiang.

8. Deqin to Shangri-la
It is a windy 6-hour drive.

Getting Around Shangri-la

◎By Bus
There are several public buses in Shangri-la, bus fares are ¥1.

◎By Bicycle
Bicycle is a very popular way to see Shangri-la. A decent mountain bike will cost ¥20-30 per day to rent.

◎By Taxi
Taxi is also a good way to travel around. The starting charge is CNY5 in Shangri-La.



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