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Shibaozhai, which literally means the Stone Treasure Fortress, but some call it the Treasured Stone Stockade or Precious Stone Fortress. It is located in Zhong County, at the south bank of the Yangtze River, 278 kilometers away from Chongqing. The whole building is composed of a gate, gate tower, and an ancient Buddhist temple (Shibaozhai Temple) on the top guards the only path up the mountain. The cultural relics and calligraphy and paintings by famous persons unearthed in Zhong County since the New Stone Age are displayed in the temple hall. This rocky and craggy hill has extremely steep sides and is about 200 meters tall. On the river side of the hill is a red pavilion of nine floors which leans against the side of the hill providing a walkway to the temple at the top of the hill. A yellow entrance at the base of the pavilion provides an entrance.

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Brief History of Shibaozhai Temple

At the top of Shibaozhai is a three-storied hall dedicated to Manjusri built during the reign of the Xianfeng Emperor (1850–1861), called the Purple Rain Pavilion. In the year 1819, the nine-story pavilion was constructed adjacent to the cliff to aid people in getting to the top of the hill. Prior to the construction of the pavilion, visitors to the temple were hoisted to the top using a system of chains. In 1956, three more stories were added at the top of the structure. On the top of the pagoda is a Buddhist temple.

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There has been a lot of recent construction at the site. The temple underwent three years of major renovation that cost CNY 80,000,000 between 2005 and 2008. When the Three Gorges Dam was built, it was known that the waters would reach the building. So the government built a coffer dam to protect it. Now, travel to the site is much easier since ships can reach the temple directly.

How to Get There 

Tourists can take long-distance bus at Chongqing Longtousi Traffic Square Bus Station to get to Zhong County, takes about three and half hours; or visitors can take speed boat at Chongqing Chaotianmen Wharf to get to Zhong County, takes about 3 hours. After get at Zhong County, Visitors can take bus at Zhong County Port Authority Bus Terminal, takes about 50 minutes, then visitors can see the Shibaozhai Temple after you have walked 7 minutes.

Entrance Fee

RMB 50

Opening Hours 


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