How to Buy a Suitable Overseas Travel Insurance?

Before traveling abroad, buying overseas travel insurance is essential. How to buy a suitable overseas travel insurance? Insurance experts teach you how to buy overseas travel insurance with four steps. 

Step1: Understanding the target country visa requirements for foreign tourists

Visa requirements differ from country to country. Some countries have explicit requirements for types of insurance, some countries have limits on the security amount, while some state also has clear requirements for insurance company. If the travel destination is a country in the "Schengen Agreement", such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc., then the travel insurance must include medical insurance, and the insured amount is not less than the 30,000 euros. If the destination is Southeast Asia, America, Africa and other countries, the purchase of health insurance is not mandatory, and it is not significant impact on the visa, so you can selectively purchase. But insurance experts suggest visitor should insure an overseas medical insurance just in case.

Step2: According to the actual needs, to select the most important types of insurance to coverage

There are a lot of overseas travel insurance in market, but the main security function is nothing more than accidental injury insurance, medical insurance and SOS International Rescue services these three categories.We do not have insurance for each type, the more security features, the more expensive premiumss. So according to the actual needs, to select the most important types of insurance to coverage.

Step3: The insured amount should refer to the number of travel days and the consumption level of travel destination

The insured amount of outbound travel insurance should refer to the number of travel days and the consumption level of travel areas.As previously mentioned "Schengen Agreement" countries, there is mandatory insurance amount is not less than 30,000 euros, about 250,000 yuan; For countries without mandatory requirements, if there is a higher level of the local consumption, then the abroad travel medical insurance is best insured more than 0.1 million; while for Southeast Asia or South Korea and other countries, because the trip is generally short, the medical insurance of the insured amount is around 100,000 yuan.

Step4: Making a clear understanding of the insurance provisions and the claims matters

Buy any insurance, terms and matters related claims is focus of attention. Some abroad medical insurance medical disbursements will be implemented, if not, keeping the complete of medical documents, paying attention to all kinds of expenses, and avoiding unnecessary medical expenses. Otherwise, the insurance company will not compensable.

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