What are the Points for Attention in Coveraging Travel Insurance?

When travel outdoor, it is necessary to purchase an insurance, but currently, there are a wide range of travel insurance products on the market. How to buy travel insurance? What are the points for attention in coveraging travel insurance? The insiders gives the following recommendations:

First of all, to see the scope of the insurance coverage. Does it include personal accident, vehicle accidents, flight delays, lost luggage and other claims provision. Also, it need to focus on the protection term of insurance products. 

Second, visitors also need to focus on excluded risks. Most insurance companies take skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, horse racing, skydiving, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, bungee jumping and other very high risk project as a Exemption Clauses. Tourists who need to participate in such high-risk projectscan shoulg additionally purchase a targeted high-risk sports insurance.

Third, select the appropriate insurance amount.When selecting the insured amount, making the 5 to 7 times annual income of the individual as a reference value,meanwhile taking fully into account the level of consumption of medical and other factors in tourism destination. 

In addition, visitors can purchase another additional insurance according to the actual situation of individuals, such as luggage, travel documents lost theft insurance, driver personal accident insurance,etc. 

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