Sichuan Dujiangyan Launched Four New Tourist Routes

Due to the world-famous Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Dujiangyan City, known as "the Source of Tianfu". Recently, Sichuan Dujiangyan has launched four "close to the mountains, close to the water, close to nature"tourist routes, welcome to tour panda home Dujiangyan!

Tourist route one (1-day-trip)


Tourist route two (2-day-trip)

Dujiangyan - Dujiangyan scenic spot - Hongkou - Mozigoukou - Liansanping - live in the wood houses - Mozigou - Highland Valley outdoor sports - Return

Tourist route there (2-day-trip)

Dujiangyan - Dujiangyan scenic spot - Hongkou plateau outdoor sports - Mozigoukou - Liansanping - Mozigou - Return

Tourist route four (2-day-trip)

Dujiangyan - Dujiangyan scenic spot - Qingcheng Mountain - Walk Guanxian City - Hongkou plateau - Mozigou - Liansanping - Mozigou - Return

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