Yunnan Travel Tips

1.Yuannan Transportation

Tour to Yunnan, Kunming is generally recommended first. Kunming Wujiaba International Airport is currently open 48 domestic routes, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other; it is also opened the flight from Kunming to others major tourist areas in China. Moreover, Kunming is the cente of Yunnan highway. 

2. Yunnan Cuisine

Yunnan cuisine is fresh fragrance, moderate in sour, usually about 5 yuan - 20 yuan per capita consumption. The famous flavor dishes are: chrysanthemum white fungus chicken, tai chi thelephora bacteria, chicken tiger palm bacteria, fish paste dairy fan volume, bridge noodle, sugar legs steamed buns, shaomai and so on.

3.Yunnan Accommodation

Four-star hotel - more than 600 yuan, and is subject to 15% service charge; three-star hotel - more than 180 yuan; one-star hotel, charges about 100 yuan; guest houses, inns, charges 40 yuan -200 yuan, ordinary beds 5 yuan - 30 yuan.

4.Special Attention for Yunnan Tourism

The largest cost when travel in Yunnan is transportation and accommodation. Visitors are advised to live in the ancient city of Dali and Lijiang Old Town Square Street, where spend few dozen yuan to experience the Bai, Naxi ethnic customs.

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