Electronic Hong Kong and Macao Exit Permits Enabled

According to the Ministry of Public unified deployment, Electronic EEP will be officially opened on September 15 in China. Electronic EEP has digitized fingerprint information and personal data, the holder can use the self-inspection channel in the port to achieve self-help clearance.

However, special attention that not all permit holders residents can go electronic self-channel, who with children under 7 years old are still walking artificial channel.

According to reports, electronic EEP took the lead in Guangdong Province  pilot issued since May 20 this year. After three months of trial operation, it has been officially enabled. 

It should be noted that, according to the provisions of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, people who under 16 years can not use the Hong Kong Buffet inspection channel; according to the provisions of the Macao Public Security Police, people who under 11 years can not use the Macau self-inspection channel.

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