Xiling Snow Mountain in Winter

Xiling Snow Mountain is a national scenic resort, the habitat of pandas, which lies in Dayi County, the west part of Sichuan Basin. It is 95km from Chengdu and covers an area of 482 square kilometers. The highest peak in this area, Snow Pond, is 5,364 meters above sea level and is capped with snow all year round; it is also the highest mountain in Chengdu. 

The Xiling Snow Mountain in winter is as beautiful as a snow-covered fairyland. In winter, with the average temperature of Xiling Snow Mountain is about 0℃, numerous ravines and peaks are covered with ice or snow, which turns it into a pure white world, just like a pure bride with white wedding dress. White is the theme color in winter of Xiling Snow Mountain. You really seem to step into a silver fairyland. 

Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is famous for its ski resort, there are many snow activities which suitable for visitors of all ages, such as single board skiing, sledging, motor skiing, hot-air ballooning, and gliding. It is really an ideal destination for your winter tour. 

The reasons that people like to visit Xiling Snow Mountain in winter

1. The magnificent mountains blanketed with snow in winter will enable tourists the unique experience of visiting a different Xiling Snow Mountain.

2. Visitors will enjoy the lower price of admission tickets and cable car ticket in winter.

3. The local hotels and restaurants cut their prices by an average of 30 percent in winter.

4. It is not crowded anymore. Along the way, you can feel free to slow down or stop any time to enjoy the landscape or take a rest.

Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain Travel Tips

1. Winter in Xiling Snow Mountain uses to be cold, you need to prepare plenty of pullovers, hat, gloves, socks, a good winter boot and a good jacket.

2. Do not to climb mountain at night, it is so dangerous.

See snow mountain, visit Xiling!

Xiling Snow Mountain

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