Yellow Mountain in Winter

The Yellow Mountain in winter is as beautiful as a snow-covered fairyland. In winter, numerous ravines and peaks are covered with ice or snow. Yellow Mountain is a world of frost and ice with silver boughs and rocks everywhere. The glittering and translucent spectacle in the sunshine resembles ice sculptures and brings you refreshing enjoyment. You really seem to step into a silver fairyland. The scene is so attracting that make one feel to be in a crystal palace. 

Yellow Mountain in Winter

Huangshan Mountain is an ideal destination for your winter tour. The snow-covered mountains and trees, seas of clouds, amazing sunrises, full-circle rainbows and thermal springs combine for a memorable winter tour of Huangshan Mountain.

Huangshan Mountain is famous for its Four Wonders - oddly-shaped pines, bizarre rocks, seas of clouds and the thermal springs. As the beauty of the mountain in winter becomes increasingly popular among tourists, the winter snow is becoming renowned as the Fifth Wonder of Huangshan Mountain.

Yellow Mountain in Winter

Huangshan Mountain, at an elevation of 6,115 feet above sea level and lies in subtropical zones, it's not quiet cold in winter, at least, not as cold as some people expected. The temperature ranges from 25°F to 40°F in winter, but it's enough to result in fantastic winter scenery and a silver world with pines and precipitous peaks covered with snow and decorated with icicles. 

Yellow Mountain in Winter

The reasons that people like to visit Yellow Mountain in winter

1. The magnificent mountains blanketed with snow in winter will enable tourists the unique experience of visiting a different Huangshan Mountain.

2. In winter, the price of admission tickets drops from the season’s high of 230 Yuan to 150 Yuan. The cost of a cable car ticket drops from 80 Yuan to 65 Yuan.

3. The local hotels and restaurants cut their prices by an average of 30 percent in winter.

4. It is not crowded anymore. Along the way, you can feel free to slow down or stop any time to enjoy the landscape or take a rest.

If you will travel china during your lifetime, please don’t miss Yellow Mountain

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