2014 China Top Ten Natural Tourist Attractions

1. Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area Autumn Scenery Aba

The Jiuzhaigou Valley is in northern Sichuan Province, covering an area of 72,000 hectares. The valley is beautiful, natural and pure, and contains six great wonders—the Changhai Lake, the Sword Rock, the Nuorilang Waterfall, the Shuzheng Gully, the Zharu Gully and the Black Sea. Of all the sceneries in Jiuzhaigou, the most fantastic are the waterscapes.

2. Huanglong National Scenic Area

Jiuzhaigou Charming Autumn Scenery Aba Sichuan

The Huanglong Scenic Area is located in the northwestern part of Sichuan Province. It is a valley that consists of many snow-capped mountain peaks and has the most glaciers in eastern China.

3. Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area

Wuyi Mountains

Located in northwest Fujian Province, covering an area of some 999.75 square kilometers, the Wuyi Mountain is a national AAAAA scenic area, famous for green water and red mountains and known as the "most wonderful mountain in southeast China".

4. Wulingyuan Scenic Area 

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Wallpaper

The Wulingyuan Scenic Area is located in northwestern Hunan. It was listed as a world natural heritage in 1992. Wulingyuan encompasses three sections: the Zhangjiajie national forest reserve, the Suoxi Brook area and the Mt. Tianzi area. The spectacular area is noted for its large volume and variety of quartz sandstone pillars, ravines and gorges, limestone caves and ancient ecosystem.

5. Hengshan Mountain Tourist Area

2014 China Top Ten Natural Tourist Attractions

Hengshan Mountain, one of China’s Five Great Mountains, situated in Nanyue District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province. It is China’s famous natural and human landscape, consists of 72 towering mountains. Hengshan’s beauty is in its elegance. 

6. Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area

2014 China Top Ten Natural Tourist Attractions

Dayu Mountain is located north of Guangzhou city with a distance of 6 km. It became well known from the early ancient times. Baiyun Mountain is full of great momentum and vigor with undulating mountains and staggering clenches.

7. Danxia Mountain Scenic Area

2014 China Top Ten Natural Tourist Attractions

Danxia Mountain Scenic Area is located in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of 290 square kilometers, which is one of the most famous mountains and regards as the most beautiful scenery in Guangdong. There are more than 680 various stone peaks, stone fortresses, walls, pillars and stone bridges in the scenic area.

8. Huangshan Scenic Area

Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Scenic Area is located in the southern part of Anhui Province, China. It is famed for its beautiful landscape - Staggering sunrise and sunset, fantastically shaped granite peaks, the gnarled forms of ubiquitous Huangshan pine trees, and the other-worldly sea of the clouds. The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO inscribed Mt.Huangshan on the list of Natural and Cultural Heritage on the World in 1990.

9. Guilin Lijiang River Scenic Area

Charming Li River Dusk Scenery Guilin

Li River, situated in Guilin City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is a bright pearl on the list of China's tourist attractions and it is the highlight of sightseeing tour in Guilin. The most beautiful scenes of Guilin scenery are found along the Li River. Along the river, the rolling peaks, steep cliffs, green hills and clear water constitute a fascinating hundred-mile pictures gallery.

10. Huangguoshu Scenic Area

2014 China Top Ten Natural Tourist Attractions

Huangguoshu Waterall is a national 5A level scenic area, located in Anshun city, Guizhou province. It is one of the great falls famous in the world. The waterfall is more than 90 meters high. Behind the waterfall, there are water curtain caves, where are the windows for a glimpse of Huangguoshu natural waterfall.

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