Beijing Palace Museum will Open in Evening

In 2015, the Palace Museum is about to usher its ninety Anniversary, it will provide visitors a richer travel experience, including attempts to open in the evening.

According to Shan Jixiang, the Dean of Palace Museum, the Palace Museum will show the largest number and the most abundant artifacts with the most exciting form in 2015. It currently plans to launch 18 exhibitions throughout the year. There are 520 sets of precious relics on display, of which 80% are displayed for the first time. In order to ensure tourists a richer visiting experience, the Palace Museum will raise its open area to 65%, meanwhile first attempt to open in the evening.

According to Shan, there will build two "Forbidden City Cultural Streets" outside the east and west sides of Shen Wu Gate, showing and selling boutique books and cultural products of Palace Museum. By then, the Shen Wu Gate Square and the Duan Gate Digital Exhibition will also be open to visitors in the evening. In addition, in July, 400 sculptural artifacts will be first "naked" (that heritage is not wearing "protective shield") exhibited in Cining Gong Area.

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