Beijing - Qinhuangdao Tourist Train Resort Operation

On March 20, the national railway passenger train operation chart had been done a micro adjustment; Beijing station adds one pair of direct express trains to Harbin and resorts operation one pair of tourist trains to Qinhuangdao. In addition, there are 34 passenger trains adjust their stopping stations or train schedule on Beijing Railway Station.

From March 21 to May 20, the Beijing Railway Station operations Z203 train to Harbin every other day; Harbin operates train Z204 to Beijing every other day. The train is composed of 5 hard sleeper compartments, 3 soft sleeper compartments and seven hard seat compartments. Z203 starts from Beijing Station on 22:00 and arrives in Harbin on 8:40 of the next day, with the entire running time of 10 hours and 40 minutes.

Beijing - Qinhuangdao Y509 / 10 tourist train had restored operation from March 20 since its one month outage after 2015 Spring Festival. The tourist train departures from Beijing Railway Station at 7:50, after its intermediate stop at Beidaihe, it arrives in Qinhuangdao at 11:08, with a whole running time of 3 hours 18 minutes.

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