American Flying Tigers Guilin Heritage Park will Open Recently

American Flying Tigers Heritage Park is located in Lingui County, Guilin City, which is in progress according to plan. Currently, more than 600 pieces of historical relics donated by the United States have been put in place and the park will meet with visitors soon recently.

The Heritage Park preserves cave command post, General Chennault Watch Battle Stone, aircraft shelters and other artifacts, which is the only extant command post site of American Flying Tigers. Now, the Heritage Park Museum has been completed, the internal decoration, roads, landscape planting and other infrastructure projects is ongoing and rapidly advancing.

"Flying Tigers" that is the Chinese Air Force AVG (American Volunteer Group). The AVG came to China to participate in Anti-Japanese War in July 1941 and made a great contribution to the Anti-Japanese War.

In 2007, the American Flying Tigers Historical Commission was established in California and the scenario of constructing the "Flying Tigers Ruins Park" was proposed. In July 2011, the Heritage Park officially started construction. Later, it was listed as the project for China and the US to commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory of the International Anti-fascism War.

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