Xi'an Museum

Xian Museum is situated two kilometers way from the City Wall (southwest section) in the Beilin District of Xian City. The museum centered on the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and the Jianfu Temple, combining the grand museum, ancient pagoda and the tranquil park as a whole. Now it has become a historical and cultural site for travelers and the local residents to learn the history of Xian and to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed time.

Covering an area of 16.3 hectares (40.4 acres), Xian Museum mainly consists of the museum, the ancient Jianfu Temple built in the year 684 A.D during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and the famous Small Wild Goose Pagoda.  The museum has three major exhibition sections: the Basic Exhibition Hall, mainly displays the development of ancient Xian and people's social life during the 13 dynasties when Xian was China's capital; the Thematic Exhibition Hall, covers over 120 exhibits of Buddhist statue arts, over 100 works of calligraphy and paintings, about 120 pieces of refined jade articles and more than 200 seals; the Temporary Exhibition Hall, displaying more than 20,000 cultural and historical relics coming from districts and counties of Xian.

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