Eryuan County

Eryuan County is a county in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture located in the western suburbs of Dali. There are seasons charming scenery , is an important part of Dali scenic area , many scenic attractions configure into a fun, melting natural scenery and historical sites as one, is a comprehensive tourist attractions. Here without cold winter and heat summer and with an annual average temperature of 13.9 ℃, is an excellent place for tourism and leisure.

Eryuan County Dali Yunnan

Located in the Hengduan Mountains and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau border zone, which territory with many rivers and lakes, there are three rivers (Black Hui Jiang, Luoshi, Wing River), three Rivers (Mi Ju River, Mi Ci River, phoenix Feather River), five Lakes (Cibi Lake, Haixi Hai, West Lake, East Lake, Lvyu pool). 60% of the water in Erhai is flow from Eryuan, and Cibi Lake is said to be the mother lake of Erhai. In addition, it is an important part of national scenic area in Dali.

Eryuan county is known for hot springs town, the county Yuhu town is known as the "hot city", where hot spring scattered across city and the hot water longitudinal flow along the street. When in winter and spring, there are hot gas-filled filled, as fairy palace, beautiful and fascinating.

Among numerous hot springs, the largest flow is Huang Gong Hot Spring, which is located in the front of Confucian Temple. Huang Gong Hot Spring has large volume of water, high temperature, which has been built swimming pool and high-grade double bathroom. The water all year round is warm, clear to see the bottom, people fetching water and bathing here seasons without a break.

the west lake in eryuan

There is also a charming West Lake Scenic Area in Eryuan, consisting of West Lake, Jiangwei, Luoping Hill and Luosi Jiang tour line, with a total area of about 80 square kilometers. West Lake is about four square kilometers, with an average depth of 4-6 meters and the deepest of 12 meters, is one of important water sources of Erhai.

travel eryuan county yunnan

Eryuan is also ethnic enclaves. Minorities’ ancestors (Bai as major) are in the absorption of the outstanding achievements of Chinese culture while forming a series of unique folk customs and traditional culture. Such as Bai dance known as the Western Hills "Rige song," traditional "Overlord Whip",” Three Course Tea." There is also the famous "three - carvings a stew" (carved plum, carving Lee, carved apricot, stew plum), which is a renowned domestic and foreign famous native and only can be nurtured in the Cangshan Erhai.

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