China Tours from Xiamen

Trip China Guide is a boutique tour operator offering tours from Xiamen China for the traveler who wants to explore ancient Chinese history, Chinese civilization, and landscape of China. These tours are available for departure from Xiamen. If you cannot find what you are looking for please E-mail Us or use our search panel on the right to find your perfect choice.

  • 7-day Fascinating Fujian Tour

    7-day Fascinating Fujian Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-FJ-02


    This is our original and most affordable tour; experience the best of the Mount Wuyi and the historical cities of Fujian Province in just 7 days for an amazing price! The Wuyi Mountains are world renowned for their stunning scenery of Danxia landform, impressive mountain ranges with numerous temples and monasteries, dramati...

  • 5-day Mysterious Fujian Tulou Tour

    5-day Mysterious Fujian Tulou Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-FJ-01


    See the top attractions in Xiamen and explore the Hakka's mysterious earth buildings - Tulou, which were once mistaken for the missile launching silos by the spy satellites of the USA during the Cold War.

  • 5-day Affordable Xiamen and Wuyishan Tour

    5-day Affordable Xiamen and Wuyishan Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-FJ-03


    This trip to Fujian province is a perfect balance of history, culture and stunning landscape in Xiamen and Mount Wuyi, a UNESCO world natural and cultural heritage site.

  • 7-day Xiamen Wuyishan Guangzhou Tour

    7-day Xiamen Wuyishan Guangzhou Tour

    Tour Code: TCG-FJ-04


    An unforgettable week in China! Including the unique earth buildings - Tulou in Yongding County, beautiful Danxia landform landscape in Mount Wuyi, and the must-see major sights in Xiamen and Guangzhou.

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