Margherita Marvin's Feedback on 15-day Great Visions of China

Customer: Margherita Marvin      Tour Dates: 2010-08-18

Tour Itinerary: 15-day Great Visions of China

Hallo Nancy,

how are you? We have just come back to Italy. We had a great time in China and your job was excellent, it exceed expectations. The best attraction visited was the ancient town of Pingyao. I suggest to visit Pingyao Old Town for all travellers, because it is so interesting and beautiful.

I can tell you that all the guides we had were so friendly and prepared, very professional but at the same time very nice and friendly. The drivers were all very professionals and safe. We enjoyed all the hotels expecially the one in Xian where we had a luxury room, and the one in Shanghai for the location, walking distance to Nanjing Road. We had good shopping in Shanghai thanks to our guide May.

Trip China Guide was really excellent, for every aspects of the tours. We surely recommend you to all of our firends, and I will make a feedback on tripadvisor too, to suggest your company as one of the best in China. We travel a lot and so we can say that definetely sure. As soon as I will get my photos, I will share them with you. Thanks a lot to make this trip to China memorable, and to have meet so many friendly and kind people as all the guides. I think that a travel is to meet and understand people who live there, and so was possible thanks to your guides. Thanks a lot to you for the great job you did, and suggest this itinerary to the people who want to visit China by themselves, as a private tour, because it was a really great experience.

Take care


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