Melissa & James's Feedback on 15-day Great Visions of China

Customer: Melissa & James ( America )      Tour Dates: 2011-03-25

Tour Itinerary: 15-day Great Visions of China

Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for the tour. My husband and I had a really great time! Thanks again!

The meals were overall pretty good. Thank you for accommodating my vegetarian needs. The thing that could be improved the most would be to visit more local places. Eating in hotels and resorts is just not our style. A simpler and smaller meal would have sufficed. Also in regards to breakfast at the hotels there was a hotel in Guilin that offered an American breakfast and a Chinese breakfast. It would have been nice to see these two combined. Our favorite meal was the dumpling one in Xian. The dumplings were amazing and the show was great.

All of our guides were very attentive and great in their service. They gave us a lot of very detailed and great information and answered all of our questions. Thanks to Vera, Lee, and Emily for their wonderful service. Yangshuo ended up being our favorite part of the trip given its beautiful scenery, great guide, and chill atmosphere. It was a great change from all the huge cities. All of the drivers did a great job of driving us where we needed to go an were helpful with our luggage. The hotels in all the cities were great. Service and cleanliness was great

Thanks again for a wonderful trip! Thank you!

Melissa & James

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