The Lotus Pagoda at Temple of Six Banyan Trees

The Lotus Pagoda was first built in 537 AD for worship of the sacred Buddhist remains of Sakyamuni. The Pagoda was reconstructed i 1097 AD in brick-and-wood structure. It is octagonal, has 9 layers looked outside but has 17 layers inside, with a height of 57.6 meters. It is also called A-Thousand-Buddha Pagoda since 1,000 Buddhas and 500 Arhats statues are enshrined here. In 1358, a a-thousand-Buddha pillar was cast at the top inside the pagoda, with 1,023 Buddha statues on the pillar. The magnificent Pagoda often gave out light in history, thus also named the Lotus Pagoda, which is typical of the architecture of the south of the Five Ridges. It became one of the key national cultural heritage conservation units identified by the State Council in 2006.
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