Jiuzhaigou Valley in Winter

Jiuzhaigou Valley in winter is particularly quiet, serene and poetic. The mountains and forests are wrapped in white, and the waterfall and lake surfaces are crystal clear and jade-like. The ice on the blue lake surface shows wonderful and different lines as the temperature changes between sunrise the sunset. And the waterfalls, streams and lakes glitter with ice. Besides, you can see the Qiang and Tibetan ethnic customs, such as, horse racing, ice-fall shows, and winter lady contest.

3-day Jiuzhaigou Valley China Tour

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Questions & Answers about Jiuzhaigou Valley in Winter

Asked by Lilly Goh 2015-01-17

I m going to Jiuzhaigou on 19/2/15. Does it snow in Jiuzhaigou in february?

Answered by Trip China Guide    2015-01-19

It may snow but depends the weather. You need to pack warm clothes if you go there.

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