Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terrace is a self sustaining ecosystem. During winter to early spring, the entire field is irrigated with spring water from the forest above to rejuvenate and getting prepared for the next season. The Hani people have repeated this for more than a thousand years. There is only one harvest in a year for the Yuanyang Rice Terrace; planting is from March to Oct. or Nov. every year.

Yuanyang Rice Terrace is a perfect example of SYMBIOSIS with nature. The water evaporate from the rice terrace to form cloud, the rain is collected and trapped by the forest on the mountains, the spring water flow down to the rice terrace and the whole cycle repeats itself perpetually.

Although not many general tourists have visited the Yuanyang Rice Terraces, hordes of photographers have. The landscape changes vividly through the year. The flooded paddies from December to April create reflecting pool effect, which is a photographer's dream. In summer, the paddies are luxuriantly green with growing rice stalks. After the fall harvest, the paddies become naked bare earth.

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Questions & Answers about Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Asked by Veronique Besson 2014-06-24

Hello, i would visit the yuanyuang rice terraces early october. Will the rice already be harvested? In which condition will the terraces be? Thank you very much for your answer, VĂ©ronique

Answered by Trip China Guide    2014-06-25

The rice will be harvested in September. The terraces are no water and no rice photograph badly in October. They are usually flooded in November. The best time to visit the terraces are November, December, January, February and March.

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