The Underground Palace of Dingling Tomb

It took two years to build the Underground Palace: from the 12the year of Wanli (1584) to the 14th year of Wanli (1586). The layout is similar to that of the imperial palace of the Ming Dynasty, consisting of five halls: the front hall, the middle hall, the rear hall, the left and right halls. The roofs are in the shape of two intersection arcs. There are exquisitely carved stone gates between the chambers. The coffins of emperor and empresses and the funerary objects are placed in the real hall. In front of the front hall, there is a brick tunnel for the burial of the emperor and empresses. During the excavations in 1956 and 1957, it was partially cleared. But the exposed part is still available for visitors. Outside the left and right halls, there are stones slabs carved with “left passage” and “right passage”, but they were not excavated so far.
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