Guilin Travel Tips

Guilin travel tips consist of all the advice that you should follow while on a trip to this beautiful city. In the following lines, we have provided you with some useful guidelines.

◎Things to do

There are many things to do when traveling in Guilin. For example, visit the Elephant Hill, Seven Star Park, Diecai Hill, Mount Yao, and Reed Flute Cave, or enjoy night cruise on the lakes in downtown area. If you like watching the shows, do not miss Ethnic Folklore Show and Dreamlike Acrobatic Show in the evening, the shows start at around 8pm or you can watch Cormorant Fishing on the Li River.

You can also take a stroll in the Zhengyang Pedestrian or the night market near Xicheng Road to take some souvenirs, such as traditional Chinese paintings, fans, clay figurines etc.

◎Where to eat

There are many local restaurants around in the center near Sheraton Hotel and Waterfall Hotel; it is nice with reasonable price. The local food in Guilin is famous for steamed mandarin fish of the Lijiang River, red cooked meat slices with Lipu taro covered by bowl, fish cooked in bamboo tube, steamed pork with rice flour wrapped in lotus leaves and Guilin rice noodle etc.

◎Where to stay

Recommended hotel in Guilin, Sheraton Hotel and Waterfall Hotel locates in the center of city, the other one is Royal Garden Hotel locates at Li River side, it is 20 minutes walking distance to the center. Bravo Hotel, Park hotels are nice hotel with good location near lakes and center.

◎When to visit

The weather here is characterized by heavy humidity. Every year in the months of June and July is the rainy season; it is suggested to prepare umbrellas or raincoats (more convenient for mountain climbing).

Though Guilin is suitable for traveling all year round, and Li River has its beauty in all four seasons, the most popular time is from April till October.

◎Dos and Don'ts

You should get all your bookings like hotel, travel, etc done in advance, before coming to Guilin. Also, make sure to check that the bookings are confirmed and in order.

Try to visit Guilin during the period of April-October. At this time, the weather of Guilin is at its best. However, try to avoid a short break holiday and a golden week, namely May Day (May 1 to May 3) and National Day (October 1 to October 7).

Beware of touts and agents when you go out for shopping and exercise discretion. Except for the up-market areas and big showrooms, bargaining is prevalent everywhere. So, don't forget to bargain a little.

Keep your purses and wallets safely, especially while moving around in crowded places or inpublic transport.

The best person to consult in case you have got lost is the traffic policeman standing at the road intersections. If you don't have a guided tour in Guilin, try to carry a phrase book or phrase list with you all the time.

◎Money Change

RMB (yuan), the currency of China, can be bought and sold out of China, usually in a travel agent of Chinatown in your home town. You can change money at all major airports in China and at banks, although should avoid changing at hotels.

ATMs are now ubiquitous and most will accept foreign cards with a small charge. To minimize being charged twice, consider banking with a bank in your home country that does not charge for withdrawals in a foreign country. Travelers’ checks are not that popular in China and will need to be exchanged in banks, such as the Bank of China. Credit cards are accepted in the bigger hotels and shopping malls only.

◎Getting around

There is no subway system in Guilin, with buses and taxis the chief form of public transport. Buses are good for those on a budget and run to all attractions and parks, with services that are preceded by a ‘5' being free. Bus 58 is particularly popular with tourists as it runs from the train and bus station to take in many top attractions. Taxis are cheap and reliable, for the most part, and can be hailed anywhere.

◎How to get

Liangjiang International Airport (KWL) is the gateway to Guilin, receiving flights from big cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and Osaka. The cheapest option to town is to take the dedicated airport bus, which terminates just south of downtown, while taxis are also on hand – be sure to have the name of your hotel written in Chinese for the driver.

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