Seven Star Park

Situated on the east bank of the Li River, 1 km from Guilin downtown area, the Seven Star Park is home to streams, karst mountains, cultural relics, stone forests, caves and so much more. The park has a longest history and the most visitors, is the largest and most beautiful multiple park in Guilin. It is the epitome of Guilin's landscape and culture, embodying the features of Guilin City -- "Green hills, clear water, fantastic caves and charming rocks", gathering the deep history of Guilin and showing the perfect combination between nature and human. Major sights in the park include Seven Star Mountains, Seven Star Cave, Camel Hill, Flower Bridge, Crescent Hill, Putuo Hill, Guihai Stele Forest, Light of China Square and others.

Seven Star Mountains

Seven Star Mountains is made up of sever peaks, that is, Tianshu , Tianxuan , Tianji and Tianquan four peaks of Putuon Hill and Yuheng, Kaiyang, Yaoguang three peaks of Crescent Hill. Their locations are like the Big Dipper constellation as a whole. And that is the reason why we call it Seven Star Park.

Seven Star Cave

Seven Star Cave, also called Qixia Cave or Bixu Cave, is situated in the hillside of Putuo Hill. The cave is about 1100 meters long, 50 meters wide and 20 meters high.

The Camel Hill in Guilin Seven Star Park











Camel Hill

Camel Hill thus resembles a giant camel standing in a giant grassland. The large swath of grassland in which the "camel" stands offers a pleasant stroll. The setting sun baths Camel Hill in warm, glowing hues that are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Seven Stars Park, and Camel Hill in particular, has long been a popular tourist venue for the Chinese people, but is becoming increasingly popular with foreign tourists, owing to the park's diversity (and size) in general, and perhaps owing to Camel Hill's impressive vistas in particular.

Flower Bridge

Flower Bridge, a 5-arch bridge in the park, is famous for its elegant style. It was originally built in the Song Dynasty and rebuilt in 1965. The bridge was surrounded by flaming wide flowers when spring coming in ancient times, hence the name. But unfortunately, now visitors can not find any, since the flowers reduced greatly in Qing Dynasty. The length of the bridge is 134.66 meters.

Flower Bridge in Guilin Seven Star Park











Guihai Stele Forest

The Guihai Stele Forest is located in south of Crescent Hill. There are about 220 well-preserved upright stone tablets (steles) that feature ancient engravings representing some of Chinese earliest calligraphy. Most of the engravings can be dated back to the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. They figure prominently in the history of Chinese calligraphy. Guihai Forest of Steles ranks second only to China's Xian Forest of Steles. It is decidedly worth a visit.

The Stone Stele in Guilin Seven Star Park











Light of China Square

Tucked between the Putuo Mountain and the Crescent Mountain, the square boasts of two craftworks, one is the stone carving murals and the other is Shi Ji Bao Ding (the precious tripod of the century). The mural, made up of more than 100 stone carvings, epitomizes 5000-year Chinese civilization. Shi Ji Bao Ding, a four-legged ding (tripod) at a height of 4.6 meters, symbolizes that the country flourishes and people live in peace.

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