Best Time to Visit Chongqing

If you are considering the climate while planning a trip to Chongqing, spring and winter are perhaps the most favorable and are definitely the best time to visit. As one of the "three hottest cities" along with Wuhan and Nanjing in China, summer in Chongqing is very hot. The temperature can reach as high as 42 ℃. And known as the capital of fog and the city of mountain, Chongqing is always in rainy or foggy days in rest time of the year. It is cool and foggy in autumn and always rains at night. Chongqing spends its most day of autumn in the fog.

The best time for traveling to Chongqing is from March to June and from September to November. Do avoid the period of muggy weather of summer and foggy, rainy autumn.

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