Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and cool, relatively dry winters. In terms of the weather, the months of October, November and December are perhaps the most favorable and are definitely the best time to visit. During this period, the city shines beneath clear skies amidst the mild breeze of the season. The temperatures are bracing at 20-24 degrees centigrade in the day time and falling to 16-10 degrees centigrade at night in December. The months of January and February get very cold with a further fall in temperatures. Though it is cold in January and February you may want to consider coming here during the Chinese New year when festivities rent the air but the downside is that hotels are expensive and hard to come by unless you have booked well before.

From June through September are the months to travel to Hong Kong if you want a good bargain. However, this is Hong Kong's rainy typhoon season and the weather is hot and humid.

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