Climate of Hong Kong

Consisting of 3 main territories – Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories – plus more than 260 smaller (and mostly uninhabited) islands, located where the Pearl River meets the South China Sea, Hong Kong has a humid sub-tropical climate with four distinct seasons. Weather in Hong Kong is strongly influenced by two monsoons: the north-northeast monsoon from October to March and the south-southwest monsoon from April to September. The only predictable weather events that could have a significant impact on your travel plans are typhoons.


Spring is from February to April. The climate is warm and humid, with average temperatures of around 23°C. Weather is generally pleasant but the skies can be quite overcast. Spring too is a preferable time to visit Hong Kong. Temperatures remain almost at the same level like previous season with a slight variation. May is the hottest month of spring with 26°C of temperature. Although the period sees the mounting of the rains and some storms, but they are not severe. During the first month of spring Hong Kong receives only two hours of sunshine.


During summer, from June till September, Hong Kong receives some hottest months of the year. The average temperature in the season usually sands at 29°C with a little variation. Moreover, the city receives lots of rainfall throughout the season, especially during the months of May to September Asiatic monsoon often appears with heavy shower from the southwest. The season contributes around 80% of the annual rainfall. The average high temperature stands at 28°C while the low at 26°C.


Autumn comes for a very short time in Hong Kong; it arrives in October from two months. Temperatures are pleasant both day and night, and humidity also falls. During this time the level of rainfall decreases gradually and stands at 20mm. There’s also less rain – average rainfall in October is 101mm, compared to 328mm in September. Although heavy showers and thunderstorms may spoil visitors’ plan, it is infrequent. Average high drops a bit from the summer months and stands at 25°C while the minimums at 23°C.


Hong Kong gets a dry and mild winter which arrives in December through February. According to visitors, it is the best season to travel the gorgeous city. January witnesses the lowest average of the year with not more than16°C. The maximums hardly kiss a score while the low touches 13°C.

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