Best Time to Visit Lijiang

Most of the place in Lijiang is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with a temperate climate year around. The temperature of Lijiang is lower than the other places in Yunnan. There is no obvious seasonal difference in Lijiang at all. Any time during the year is suitable for traveling, depending on the kind of traveling experience and sites you want to see. The raining season is from June to October, with the heaviest and most recurrent rainfall periods occurring during July and August. But don’t get discouraged. It is the best time for mushrooms!

Whatever time of year, Lijiang is said to experience “four seasons in one day”. Temperature difference is quite huge in LiJiang during the day. So be sure to pack accordingly and make sure you bring enough clothing.

Generally speaking, from late March through May, as well as mid-October through November is ideal time to visit Lijiang. During those times the temperatures are comfortably pleasant during the day, rain is much less likely, and the seasonal colors are the most dramatic.

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